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Discover and reduce your carbon footprint for a more sustainable future with enerjoy.

The consequences of the climate crisis

Climate change threatens all of us. Already today, we can feel its far-reaching consequences. The cause of this is our lifestyle. We produce more greenhouse gases than our earth can decompose. It’s time to take action – and you are also called upon to do so. Become active in the fight against climate change.

More floods

More droughts

More storms and wildfires

What can you do differently tomorrow?

Start your sustainable life

enerjoy is a personal carbon footprint coach. Discover and reduce your climate impact with our smart app.

Calculate and discover your carbon footprint

Recognise how much you are impacting the climate and how you are performing in comparison to others.

Climate protection subscription

Support high-quality climate protection projects that prevent or eliminate CO2 emissions.

Reduce your CO2 emissions with our smart coaching

Our tailor-made tips and exciting challenges will help you to reduce your footprint.

Stay inspired and informed with our Community

Exchange ideas with like-minded people and regularly receive exciting content and product recommendations.

Sustainable living made simple.

The features sound good? enerjoy also brings inner values:

Intelligently simple

No irrelevant blah-blah. With us, you get information and recommendations that are simple and tailored to your needs.

Perfect for your everyday life

No long planning and searching necessary. You can apply enerjoy directly in your everyday life. Your CO2 footprint app makes it possible for you.

Motivating & funny

Life goes on. And it should be fun. That’s why everything in enerjoy comes with an extra pinch of humour and motivation.

What users say about enerjoy

We think: enerjoy is the coolest carbon footprint coach you will ever use. But you better rely on the opinion of our users 🙂

Clarity at last

Who knows what a train ride of 50km, eating a chicken wing and taking a hot shower causes in CO2? The app shows it to me quite impressively:)


Crazy… meeega exciting

It’s amazing to see how much single daily actions can make a difference and what even small changes can do.


Seriousness meets joy

I never thought that sustainability could be so much fun. I like the witty, motivating way of enerjoy.


Are you on your way to carbon neutrality?

What are you still waiting for? It’s time to try out our app;)


Find exciting user stories, tips and cool food for thought. Sharing expressly desired:)


Still have questions? Find the answers here.

Why is the app so sexy?

This is probably primarily due to the good-looking minds behind enerjoy! No, joking aside. enerjoy was developed using modern product development methods together with many test users. Thus, the focus has always been on what brings the most value and fun to our users.

What are the UN climate targets?

The Paris Climate Agreement will officially come into force this year. 195 UN member states have agreed to limit the temperature rise. The states have set themselves the goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees. If possible, it should remain below 1.5 degrees. Furthermore, the poorest countries of the world are to be supported by the richer countries in protecting the climate, in adapting to climate change and in eliminating subsequent damage.

By the year 2050, the aim is to achieve a global balance between the emission and absorption of CO2. In other words, humans should not emit more greenhouse gases such as CO2 than can be absorbed by natural sinks such as forests.

Can entries be automated?

Yes and no. enerjoy does not collect entries automatically. However, the app comes with several features that make tracking much easier. This was chosen deliberately. By reflecting on one’s actions in everyday life, an awareness of one’s CO2 footprint should be built up.


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