Empower your journey to a CO2-neutral lifestyle.

With the world’s first personalised carbon footprint coach.

Our Mission

Our lifestyle requires more resources and produces more harmful substances such as CO2 than our earth can handle. Consequences of this include climate change, which substantially threatens the future of the environment and our society.

Many people want to become more active and change their lifestyles for a more sustainable future. However, this is not so easy to do. Where to start? Where can you make the most difference? What is the best way to start?

enerjoy provides transparency on your own CO2 footprint by tracking your everyday actions and, thanks to intelligent algorithms, shows you how you can reduce it in the best possible way. Through playful elements, refreshing content and the organisation of a community, we regularly provide you with inspiration and motivation.

“enerjoy wants to inspire, motivate and support as many people as possible to achieve and maintain a net-zero carbon footprint for a sustainable future. We do this with the world’s first personalised carbon footprint coach.”

The people behind enerjoy

We are aware that we alone cannot save the world (even if we would like to). This requires the cooperation of so many around the globe. At the same time, we think that constructive discussion and collaboration can happen when everyone is already doing their very best. That’s why we’re starting small, with a friendly community of eco-heroes who, as role models, are already paving the way to a sustainable future. 

Our Company

enerjoy is an initiative of IWB Industrielle Werke Basel. IWB is a leading service provider for renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Basel region and beyond.

IWB Website

Our Team

We are a small but fine team of internal and external optimists, nerds, doers, who don’t want to settle for the status quo. As part of the enerjoy community, we work every day to continuously improve our solutions and find new, better ways to reduce the CO2 footprint.


Product Owner aka Idea Provider

Mastermind and string-puller. Joël ensures clarity if situations have to be approached in a structured manner. There’s no such thing as impossible. If he’s not working, he’s probably jogging or playing with his children.


The Content & Community Guy

The creative whiz on the team. Focuses on content and the community. If there’s a motto that describes him the best, it’s probably: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Likes dogs more than people. We like him anyway.


Chief Technology Officer

Dominique is passionate about developing products. He takes care of the high quality of the enerjoy codebase and ensures focused work in the team. In his spare time, he codes video games and reads fantasy.


The Coach

René helps companies build digital products. He supports us as a coach and facilitator to further develop “enerjoy” in a goal-oriented and customer-centric way. He also makes sure there are enough GIFs and memes shared in our meetings. Outside his role as GIF Deputy, he can be found on the peaks in the Swiss mountains.


Content & Community Manager


The Sustainability Expert

Jasmin advises companies that want to do more for the future. She helps us to see the forest in the ESG jungle and strives to take entire organisations on the journey. Jasmin likes to spend her free time running in nature. She recharges her batteries sustainably with yoga.


UX Designer

Our Exes

The individuals below contributed actively to enerjoy. Thank you very much for your commitment (and no, our fluctuation rate is not above average – according to the Federal Statistical Office (BFS), it corresponds to the norm:)).



The individuals below contributed actively to enerjoy. Thank you very much for your commitment (and no, our fluctuation rate is not above average – according to the Federal Statistical Office (BFS), it corresponds to the norm:)).



Flo is responsible for how the app feels and looks. Design goes beyond the definitions of form and colour, a strong user experience is skilfully integrated into the interface and interaction. A bit of a “stiff” description, but Flo wanted to go all Jonathan Ive on us.


UX Designer

As a UX designer with considerable experience as a software developer, Julian conceives solutions to problems and creates prototypes. He does this at a speed that he only surpasses in the boxing ring.


Agile Coach



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