Climate protection by monthly subscription

Support high-quality climate protection projects that prevent or eliminate CO2 emissions. Slow down climate change while reducing your carbon footprint. enerjoy makes it possible.

Choose your climate protection projects

We search for the best climate protection projects worldwide that prevent or eliminate CO2 emissions and put them together in a high-quality portfolio. Do you want to invest in reliable forest reforestation projects or do you prefer technology-based solutions for CO2 reduction? We offer you trustworthy options that you can combine as you wish.

Plant and protect trees

Absorption & Storage – Protecting biodiversity – Nicaragua, Zimbabwe

Support projects that restore and protect natural forests. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it sustainably. This makes them a natural solution to climate change.


In recent decades, tropical forests have suffered extensive clearing, fragmentation, degradation, and depletion of biodiversity. Once covering 12 per cent of the Earth’s land mass, they now account for only 5 per cent.

Forests are a natural solution to climate change. They absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it sustainably in trees, soil, foliage and other vegetation.

By reforesting and protecting forests, the natural CO2 sink can be restored.


• Absorption and storage of CO2
• Protection of the biodiversity of our earth
• Reduction of poverty

Selected projects

Reforestation in Nicaragua

Promoting clean energy

CO2 Reduction – Promoting green innovation – Turkey, India

Support projects that create wind and solar power plants. These produce clean electricity and ensure that coal, oil and gas stay in the ground. This prevents a lot of CO2 from being emitted in the first place.


The production of energy from fossil sources (oil, gas, coal) is one of the largest emitters of CO2 worldwide.

By creating renewable, clean energy sources, you make it possible for fossil energy to be replaced and a lot of CO2 is not emitted in the first place.


• Avoiding CO2 emissions
• Promoting green innovations
• Replacing fossil energy sources
• Protecting the health of local communities

Selected projects

Wind turbine in Turkey

Photovoltaic plant in India

Enabling efficient cooking ovens

CO2 Reduction – Helping communitiesMyanmar

Provide families in developing countries with efficient cooking stoves, which require less firewood. As a result, surrounding forests are preserved, a lot of CO2 is saved and the health of the families can be protected.


Two thirds of the world’s population still cooks over open fire. Inefficient wood burning not only pollutes the surrounding forests and causes a lot of CO2 emissions, but also leads to millions of avoidable deaths every year through air pollution.

Your contribution will subsidise efficient cooking stoves for families in developing countries that drastically reduce fuel consumption, smoke and CO2 emissions.


• Avoiding CO2 emissions
• Reducing poverty
• Protecting the health of local communities
• Protecting the earth’s biodiversity

Selected projects

Cooking stoves in Myanmar

We want maximum impact

We not only make sure that your contribution is received, but also that it has the maximum impact. All our projects are:


All our projects are also additional because they remove CO2 from the atmosphere (concept of additionality). This means that a project was not already planned or would have been implemented anyway.


The selected projects aim to permanently reduce or remove CO2.


The projects ensure that there is no double counting, i.e. that the amount of CO2 is not counted by several parties.


Each project is measured and verified by independent third parties to meet the highest standards.

Validation & Verification partner

All carbon offset projects are measured and verified by independent third parties to meet the highest standards.

The Gold Standard was launched in 2003 by WWF and other environmental organisations and ensures that climate protection projects meet the highest quality standards.

Plan Vivo was created in 1996, is the oldest standard for the certification of climate protection projects in the land use sector and was developed to give small farmers access to the CO₂ market. The projects are locally anchored, and the smallholder families receive at least 60% of the climate protection funds. In addition, biodiversity aspects play an important role.

Looking for a smart gift?

Make your loved ones happy with enerjoy and do something good for the environment at the same time.

enerjoy – our holistic approach

enerjoy accompanies and empowers you on your way to reducing your carbon footprint. This is the best way to make your contribution to climate protection. Would you like to make a step further? Providing financial resources to support climate protection projects is one way to do this. It helps us to save time continuously adapting our behaviour. At the same time, you can help to develop the necessary technologies for CO2 reduction.

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Why should we protect the climate?

Finally, here are four damn good reasons that speak for CO2 offsetting:

Reason 1

It’s necessary

The most important measure to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why you are working on your carbon footprint. Carbon offset projects can play an important complementary role to reach the 1.5 degree target.

Reason 2

Buys time to act

Unfortunately, the carbon footprint is not reduced overnight. Adapting your life takes time. By funding carbon offset projects, you can slow down climate change while continuing to achieve your goals.

Reason 3

Goes beyond the climate issue

Climate protection projects from our portfolio go beyond the climate issue and support biodiversity, for example, bringing money to the global south or giving green technologies a boost. 

Reason 4

Gives a really good feeling

With the CO2 offset from enerjoy, you slow down climate change, protect mother nature and save human lives. Doing something good every month is a damn good feeling.


Still have questions? Find the answers here.

Wer steckt hinter enerjoy?

enerjoy is an initiative of the energy supplier IWB Industrielle Werke Basel. IWB has always been a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy. To put the Paris climate targets into practice as quickly as possible, the company is exploring and testing ambitious solutions. Since energy consulting is a main pillar of IWB, possible digital solutions for a more conscious use of energy have been sought for some time. With enerjoy, we are creating a product that combines the various aspects of energy consulting, decarbonization and digitalization and thus contributes to raising awareness. The young team consists of internal and external optimists, nerds and doers who do not want to settle for the status quo.

What is climate protection?

The most important measure to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – that’s why you reduce your carbon footprint. Climate protection projects can play an important complementary role in achieving the 1.5 degree target.

Why climate protection?

Reducing your carbon footprint, i.e. adapting your life, takes time. Carbon offset projects allow you to contribute while working to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also support projects that go beyond the climate issues and do good for biodiversity or bring money to the global south.

What will happen with my contribution?

You finance measures that prevent or eliminate exactly as much CO2 from the atmosphere as you would like to offset. These measures are implemented through climate projects worldwide and are audited and monitored by independent organizations. The CO2 reduction you buy is decommissioned and cannot be resold.

Where does my money go?

The large share of 70% goes directly to the environmental projects that generate the CO2 reductions. Your contribution includes a fee of 30%. Of this, 7% are transaction costs that go directly to our payment provider. The remaining 23% is used for the development and operation of enerjoy as well as for reaching and motivating new climate protectors.

Are there any local projects?

When selecting our projects, high quality is important to us. That’s why we focus on projects that meet high standards (Gold Standard or Plan Vivio Standard). At the same time, we make sure that you can support measures in which your contribution has a maximum effect on climate protection. This is also the reason why we currently have no local projects in our portfolio. These cost many times more than offsetting them in other regions of the world. The nature-based projects therefore invest where your money has the greatest impact. In addition, local communities can be supported there. With technology-based solutions, we strive to give you the opportunity to support local innovation as well.

Why compensate in the subscription?

We want to make balancing your footprint in the app as easy and flexible as possible. With the subscription, you can continuously offset without having to constantly think about it. The offset is billed monthly and can be cancelled easily at any time. There are no obligations for you.

Can I offer enerjoy as a gift?

But so much! Find out more here.

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