enerjoy for companies

Achieving climate targets with committed employees

enerjoy by IWB makes sustainability tangible for all employees. The holistic CO2 footprint coach inspires the workforce to act in a climate-friendly manner in a playful way.

…and suddenly everyone is pushing ahead with decarbonization!

enerjoy helps to scale sustainability. We take employees with us on the journey.
This is how the transformation to a sustainable corporate culture works.

Promoting a sustainable culture

enerjoy sensitizes and motivates the workforce, promotes team spirit and shows both internally and externally that they take responsibility

Implementing decarbonization

We are boosting the transformation to a sustainable business model. Because now everyone is pitching in!


enerjoy measures the CO2 emissions of the entire workforce anonymously. You gain valuable employee-related CO2 data for sustainability reporting.

How enerjoy works

With thousands of registered users, enerjoy is the leading Swiss platform. As a holistic climate action program, enerjoy provides you with the most important tools, bundled in one place.


Employees can calculate their CO2 footprint in detail by answering questions about their everyday life. The content of the app is suggested based on the individual footprint.


Through personalized insights and exciting content, users can understand their footprint, identify levers and acquire knowledge.


Behavior cannot be changed overnight. Playful approaches ensure commitment and the positive impact on the climate is demonstrated in a personalized way and made tangible.


It’s more fun together. You can form teams and compete against each other to do as many good deeds for the climate as possible. Gamification and rewards provide the incentive.

enerjoy for companies

enerjoy is a holistic sustainability platform. We provide support from planning to employee onboarding and rewards. Reporting is easy with our admin console.

1. Prepare & set up

Let’s go with us at your side

We support you with the important preparations: Gathering stakeholders, defining structures and drawing up a timetable. Mobility, nutrition or energy? You determine the relevant topics and we set up the app in your corporate design

2. Invite and connect

Invite employees and connect them to a community

We support you with employee onboarding. From kick-off events during the introduction to in-depth upskilling of the workforce – our sustainability and communication experts are at your side if required!

3. Engage & reward

Ensure permanent reduction

You can easily maintain and organize the content and your community in the web dashboard. They choose from our prepared content when they want to focus on which topics – completely adapted to their climate goals and their rhythm. With our gamification approach, reducing the carbon footprint is fun for all participants!

4. Evaluate & communicate

Measuring and communicating meaningful CO2 data

In the Admin Console, they can see the CO2 emissions and CO2 savings of the entire workforce anonymously and in real time. You gain valuable employee-related CO2 data (Scope 3) for sustainability reporting.

enerjoy – simple, safe & high quality

Simple & quick implementation

enerjoy is plug & play. We provide active support during the preparations for the launch

High-quality content individualized for you

You put together your program for the participants from a wide selection of content.

Calculation & reporting

Our calculations are based on the latest standards. We collect data in accordance with the GHG protocol.

Data protection ensured according to GDPR

Because protecting the personal data of your members is important to us!

Premium Support

With our team of sustainability and communication experts, we support you with employee onboarding. We are always available to answer your participants’ questions.

What makes enerjoy by IWB unique

With 20,000 users, enerjoy by IWB is the leading Swiss carbon footprint coach.
The app benefits from several years of experience in activating and engaging users.

4+ years

Years of experience in engaging private individuals


registered private users in Switzerland

Wide-ranging expertise

Experienced team of digital innovation, communication and sustainability experts

Let’s tackle decarbonisation together!

Accelerate your journey to a sustainable business model now.
With committed employees thanks to enerjoy!

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Was Nutzer zu enerjoy sagen

Wir finden: enerjoy ist der coolste CO2-Footprint Coach, den sie je nutzen werden.
Aber verlassen sie sich besser auf die Meinung unserer Nutzer…

At last, clarity

Who knows how much CO2 a 50km train journey, a chicken thigh and a hot shower produce? The app shows me in an impressive way 🙂


Crazy… suuuper exciting

It’s amazing to see how much difference individual actions can make in everyday life and what even small changes can achieve.


Seriousness meets joy

Never thought that sustainability could be fun. I like enerjoy’s funny, motivating style.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With 20,000 users, enerjoy by IWB is the leading Swiss carbon footprint coach.
The app benefits from several years of experience in activating and engaging users.

What is the vision of enerjoy?

enerjoy scales sustainability! Because we take the employees on the journey – and this with fun! This way, the entire company drives decarbonization forward!

What makes enerjoy unique?

a) Our experience: enerjoy has already helped over 20,000 users to make their lifestyle more sustainable. We also have over 4 years of experience in engaging private individuals.

b) A credible brand: enerjoy is a digital product of IWB – a leading service provider for renewable energy in the Basel region and beyond.

c) Broad expertise: enerjoy is backed by an experienced team of digital, innovation, communication and sustainability experts

Where does enerjoy see difficulties?

Challenges are opportunities for us to consciously address:

a) Sustainability isn’t fun? With our gamification approach, it is!

b) Sustainability is too complex? We make it clear to each user where they can really make a difference. With our challenges and bite-sized knowledge, implementation becomes easy.

c) Introducing a new app in the company is a challenge… one that we gladly accept. enerjoy is plug & play; thus, the effort for you is minimal. To ensure employees feel at ease immediately, we are always there for them and tailor the app’s appearance to the company’s corporate design.

What does enerjoy cost?

enerjoy for companies has a clear value for us: we scale sustainability within the organisation. At the same time, we want to support companies that are on the journey to a sustainable future in a way that is as customised as possible to their specific needs. That is why we offer enerjoy as a modular solution consisting of a basic offer and additional packages. We would be happy to discuss the details with you.