enerjoy for your company

Raise awareness and motivate your employees to act in a climate-friendly way – with the enerjoy by IWB app.

Achieve your sustainability goals together. It’s up to all of us

enerjoy helps to raise employees’ awareness of climate-friendly actions and motivates them to adopt sustainable strategies and achieve the corresponding goals.

Promote sustainable culture

Raise awareness and motivate your employees
to act in a climate-friendly way.

Implement decarbonisation

MeasureCO2 emissions ofthe community anonymously & reduce Scope 3 emissions of the company.

Live values

Position yourself in the market as a future-oriented company and lead the way.

Holistic Climate Action Programmeall in one place

enerjoy is the leading Swiss platform with thousands of registered users. The app makes the most important tools available, bundled in one place.

Find out

Employees can calculate their carbon footprint in detail by asking questions about their daily routines. The contents of the app are suggested based on the individual footprint.


Users can understand their carbon footprint, identify levers, and gain knowledge through personalised insights and engaging content.


Behaviour cannot be changed overnight. Playful approaches create a sense of commitment. The positive impact on the climate is demonstrated in a personalised way and made tangible.


It’s more fun together. You can form teams and compete against each other to do as many good actions for the climate as possible. Gamification and rewards provide the incentive.

How it works

Enjoy enerjoy for companies without much effort. We accompany you along the way.

1. Prepare & Set up

Joint implementation and planning

Based on where you are today, we guide you through defining the structure and narrative of the programme. Together we determine the outline of the content, the team structure and the publication dates.

2. Invite & Connect

Invite employees and connect them to a community

Invite your employees to your personalised community in the enerjoy app using an activation code. Communicate current content and promote the exchange among each other.

3. Engage & Reward

Ensure sustainable reduction

Use a proven gamification approach to encourage the community to engage with the carbon footprint playfully. Based on the content we have prepared for you, you can configure animating engagement cycles in a modular format.

4. Evaluate & Communicate

Measure and communicate meaningful CO2 data

Manage the community in the admin console and measure aggregated and anonymised CO2 emissions. With simple reporting, you can evaluate progress and communicate transparently both internally and externally.

Safe implementation and a high-quality experience

Simple implementation

Personal advice from enerjoy product specialist

Support of the community by enerjoy

Customisable Community Space & Activities Dashboard

GHG Protocol (Scope 3) compatible data collection

Data protection under GDPR

Simple reporting for management

Why enerjoy by IWB

enerjoy is a digital product of IWB – a leading service provider for renewable energy in the Basel region and beyond. The app benefits from several years of experience in activating and engaging users.

4+ years

Years of experience in engaging individuals


registered users in Switzerland


CO2 offset subscribers

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